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Bottled Water Delivery in 2 Business Days, Guaranteed

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Polar Inc provides fast spring water delivery to both residential and commercial clients in Central New Jersey. If you've been waiting for days on end for delivery from another company, we humbly suggest giving Polar Inc the opportunity to exceed your customer service expectations. If you're in our service area, call us and let us know you need emergency service and we'll get there within 2 business days. Often we can fulfill an order within one hour!

Pure Spring Water

Blue Bear Spring Water by Polar Inc is one of the purest waters bottled in America with low mineral content. At 38 ppm most regional waters have 2 to 4 times more minerals and dissolved solids. No Sodium, No Chlorine, No Chemicals. Blue Bear Spring Water is most refreshing and is known to the locals on the Penobscot Mountains as "sweet water"!
Bottle Deposits: All of the plans and pricing below do NOT include bottle deposits, which will be added to your first order. After your first delivery, we will exchange your empty bottles for full bottles on a monthly basis. You will only be charged additional bottle deposits if you increase your monthly bottle plan or request extra full bottles to be added to any order. All bottles returned if and when service is terminated will be refunded the full bottle deposit charge. Bottle deposits are charged because our bottler needs to account for the value of each bottle used and make sure they are returned.
Spring Water and Cooler Delivery

•Volume Pricing Starting at $5.00
•No Minimum Orders Required!
•Delivery Charge Only $2.95

* Refundable $6.00 bottle deposits

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