Blue Bear Spring Water
by Polar Inc
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Serving Offices and Homes In Central New Jersey

Polar Inc provides spring water and coffee services throughout Central New Jersey including: Bottled Water Delivery, Pallets of Water, Rental Water Coolers, Bottleless Cooler Rental, K-Cup Coffee Delivery and more!

Blue Bear Spring Water by Polar Inc is one of the purest waters bottled in America with one of the lowest mineral content. At 14 ppm most regional waters have 5 to 10 times more minerals and dissolved solids. No Sodium, No Chlorine, No Chemicals. Blue Bear Spring Water is most refreshing and is locally known as "sweet water"!

Unlike most American waters, Blue Bear Spring Water is bottled at the source. One flavor, no blending from various sources, no trucking over the roads in tankers, the water is piped directly from the spring into the plant through underground stainless steel pipe!

This spring water has been bottled continuously since 1927. The ozone and filtration process protects the purity of our water. Our equipment ensures its safety. Unscramblers and automatic casers mean a bottle never has to be touched by hand. While not required by regulations, the ozonated water bottle rinser is used to sanitize and rinse each bottle before filling.
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