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Bottled Spring Water Delivery and Service

Serving Offices and Homes In Central New Jersey

For over 40 years Polar Inc T/A Bluebear has provided bottled spring water services to offices and homes in New Jersey and Eastern Bucks County Pennsylvania including: Bottled Water Delivery, Pallets of Water, Rental Water Coolers, Bottleless Cooler Rental, K-Cup Coffee Delivery and more!

Blue Bear Spring Water by Polar Inc is one of the purest waters bottled in America with low mineral content. At 38 ppm most regional waters have 2 to 4 times more minerals and dissolved solids. No Sodium, No Chlorine, No Chemicals. Blue Bear Spring Water is most refreshing and is known to the locals on the Penobscot Mountains as "sweet water"!

The source of our water is a series of natural springs more than 1,700 feet above see level protected by more than 450 acres of company-owned and conservation lands, located at Mountain Top, PA. Our refreshing spring water percolates beneath pristine natural forests before flowing from productive springs to the bottling house where it passes through a three phase purification process which includes UV light and ozone filtration. The ozone and filtration process protects the purity of our water. Our equipment ensures its safety. Unscramblers and automatic casers mean a bottle never has to be touched by hand. While not required by regulations, an ozonated water bottle rinser is used to sanitize and rinse each bottle before filling.

Call Polar Inc today to for natural spring water, reliable delivery, and excellence in customer service!
Spring Water and K-Cup Coffee
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Blue Bear is Open for Business and Accepting New Accounts
Blue Bear is open for business and accepting new accounts. Please leave a message and we promise to get right back to you, or place your order online and we’ll contact you to arrange special instructions so you can be assured of a safe procedure for delivery. Preventative measures have been taken with helping us to both stay healthy while keeping you hydrated - taking precautions to safely deliver your bottled water and keeping our distance in the process. We are also offering bottleless water dispensers for those requiring that even further measures be taken at point of use. Our new hands-free auto dispensers made by Global are our most sanitary solution in dispensing. Just click on bottleless link for details. Check out for information about delivery of kitchen and bathroom essentials.